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We welcome applications from prospective postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates. We encourage a diversity of backgrounds, and applications from women and underrepresented minorities are particularly encouraged.

Pittsburgh Panorama


For inquiries about postdoc positions, please email ltchongATpittDOTedu.

Graduate Students

To be considered for a graduate student position, please apply to one of the following PhD programs at the University of Pittsburgh.

Pitt PhD Program in Chemistry
Joint CMU-Pitt PhD Program in Molecular Biophysics & Structural Biology


To be considered for a research position in the Chong lab, you must be willing to commit to at least one year of research (10-12 hrs/week during the academic year and full-time during the summer). Undergraduates majoring in chemistry, biology, physics, math, computer science, and related fields are encouraged to apply before January of their junior year. Interested applicants should email a one-page resume along with contact information for two references to ltchong AT pitt DOT edu.

Virtual Tour of the Chong Lab

Video created in 2020.

Thinking about visiting or moving to Pittsburgh?

Here are some of the Chong Lab's top Pittsburgh places!
  • Mount Washington (Grandview) Overlook (best view of the city)
  • The Strip District (great espresso/other kinds of coffee at La Prima Coffee shop)
  • Market Square in Downtown
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Great places to visit outside of Pittsburgh:
    • North Park (kayak rentals, hiking/biking trails, and great burgers at the boathouse)
    • Trax Farms (especially in the fall)
    • Oakmont Bakery
  • Point state park
  • If you like sushi: Umami in Lawrenceville
  • For thai cuisine, highly recommend Noodlehead on S. Highland Ave
  • Plenty of museums:
    • Carnegie natural history
    • Mattress factory
    • Andy Warhol
  • The national aviary
  • Favorite general areas of Pittsburgh:
    • Going up to the overlook by the Duquesne incline
    • Regent square in general (Madeleine bakery, square cafe, biddle’s escape)
    • Lawrenceville (especially Butler St.) has some really unique shops and places to walk through that are fun to see - If you like cider then Arsenal Cider House is a really neat place! There’s also the Arsenal bowling alley which is fun! Lots of neat things to do to keep busy.
    • Strip District - Penn. Macaroni company, Gaucho Parilla (Argentine Steakhouse that is incredible!!!!), just walking through it on the weekends to see all the unique shops and Pittsburgh spirit :)
  • Favorite specific places/events to go in Pittsburgh:
    • Shadyside Nursery for all your plant needs!
    • Randyland and Mattress Factory museums
    • Phipps Conservatory - just walking through it is so nice. They have a beautiful light show during Christmas time too! Also, you can take some really interesting classes there (some examples are bee-keeping, bonsai 101, photography… it’s very diverse -
    • Farmer’s Markets all over the city throughout the week
    • Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (middle-end of July each year) - vintage cars race around Schenley park and it is incredible to watch/listen and there is a huge car show too!
  • Lots of outdoor trails for walking, jogging, biking, etc:
    • Highland park walking and jogging trails
    • All Frick park trails are really wonderful
    • Eliza furnace and Heritage bike trails (Heritage trail will lead to the Point and Eliza Furnace trail is on the south side but you are able to cross bridges to the other side where the Point is)
    • Walking through Point state park and over the bridge to the north shore and walking on the wharf and through Mexican War streets historic district (you could even bike this all too and it is really beautiful)
    • Walking through Schenley park past Phipps and playing frisbee in one of the fields! Schenley park also has a sports oval that has a track, tennis courts, running course, and an open field!
  • Coffee/Tea Lover places:
    • Big Dog Cafe, Adda, Arreviste, Prestogeorge coffee & tea (especially their Holiday blend beans) or Dobra tea house
  • Music:
    • Classical music at Heinz Hall with the PSO (there are chamber group and other concerts by PSO musicians that are really nice throughout the city as well)
    • Stage AE for bands/artists
    • Point State Park for summer music festival
    • Mr. Smalls theatre for small venues (best experience for bands by far!!)
  • Outside of Pittsburgh:
    • Moraine State Park - canoeing, kayaking, sailing, trails, camping… lots of things to do there and it’s very beautiful and relaxing to get away for a day trip or weekend.
    • Ohiopyle - this is another state park where you can do a lot of activities and has quite a few waterfalls to see on trails :)
  • Shadyside: Walnut Street
  • If you’re an ice cream fan: Page’s Dairy Mart (Local ice cream shop that happens to incorporate other local products), Rita's Italian Ice, Millie’s Ice Cream, Crafton Ice Cream Delite
  • Squirrel Hill! Being within walking distance of the Manor theatre, yoga studio, Dobra tea house, Five Points Bakery, Panda Asian grocery store, Riverstone bookstore, tasty restaurants, and several beautiful parks (Schenley, Frick, and Mellon parks)
  • Great eats from around the world, including Udipi Cafe, Masala House, Chengdu Gourmet, Turkish Kebab House, and Butterjoint (a classy bar with fantastic burgers)
  • The awesome Carnegie library system that includes not just an extensive collection of books, but sheet music and musical instruments
  • Day trips to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

Lab Activities

Theory Groups Hike in Frick Park, March 2023 - with labs of Geoff Hutchison, Ken Jordan, and Peng Liu, and seminar visitor, Bettina Keller (FU Berlin)

Theory Groups Hike in Frick Park, March 2023